Looking for Middle East Contracting Jobs?

You’ve decided that this is what you want to do but you don’t have the faintest idea of where to start.

You’re probably asking, how do I even search for a job in the Middle East? What jobs are available? What questions do I ask? How much money can I really make? What’s it like working in a danger zone? Can I really do it? Do I want to? All these questions and many, many more…

Whew… That’s a lot to think about!

Here at Middle East Contracting Jobs we’ll help you answer those questions and provide the information you need to find that perfect opportunity!

One of the first things we want to do is determine exactly what you’re trying to achieve.  We can than focus on those goals, determine the type of job you’re looking for and where you want to work. Then the next big step is finding that job.

Why seek Jobs in the Middle East

People search for Middle East Contracting Jobs for various reasons. Some are interested in the culture, they want to live in an exciting place, experience something different, and perhaps even learn the language.

Others are more interested in finding lucrative employment, to enhance that retirement income or just support their family.

Still others are just looking for a job; down on their luck and figure why not see what the Middle East has to offer. Perhaps live in a war zone where lots of money can be made.

Types of Middle East Jobs

The jobs available are numerous and in pretty much every vocation. Whether you’re looking for a job in Dubai or Kuwait City to a Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan, the skill sets needed are numerous. Once you determine your area of interest, you can then focus on the jobs that you are qualified for.

If you are willing to accept a job other than what you really want you can often apply for other positions once you get on site and are settled. You will meet people, establish relationships and often learn “inside information” of new job opportunities.

Where are these jobs

Many of the countries listed here on Middle East Jobs are located on the left hand margin. For sake of clarity I’ve categorized these jobs as located either in a danger zone or safe zone.  That’s not to say that things won’t change and as the region develops you’ll have to make your own determination of what you’re comfortable with.

How to find these jobs

Finding a job in the Middle East, like anywhere, can take from just a few weeks to months dependent on what’s currently available and if you have a specialty that’s in high demand.   There are numerous methods for finding Overseas Jobs, many of which I have listed here.