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As the last US combat brigade departs Iraq, 50,000 U.S. troops will remain in country under Operation New Dawn and will move toward stability operations, advising, training and assisting the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) in building civil capacity.

The US will still have a significant presence in an effort to assist the Iraqi government as they continue to form their government. According to General Odierno, the U.S. strategy isn't about the number of troops on the ground but how the U.S. continues to sustain stability.

What does this mean for contracting positions? It means that civilian jobs in Iraq will continue to be needed to support the remaining troops and continued operations. Just not as many as before.

For the casual observer you should know that the positions posted under Iraq jobs could be located throughout the country. Some of these jobs are located within the confines of the military bases although often, depending on the position, you may be required to travel beyond the safe zones to potentially dangerous areas. Truck driving jobs in Iraq are the most common contracting jobs and a good example of a position which could potentially have you traveling all throughout the country. Security jobs in Iraq could be located anywhere from within the secure confines of the bases to outside patrolling the perimeters.

Unlike the positions posted under the non-hostile countries such as Kuwait, Qatar or UAE the living and working conditions may be sub-standard. You could find yourself living in a tent with many other individuals or if you're lucky sharing a small room in a trailer with a room-mate. You'll be working long hours and may have to deal with the extreme heat and cold Iraqi winters.

Now with that being said, if you're willing to deal with these conditions the payoff can be enormous. Since you would be located in such an austere environment considered a "danger zone", the pay scale for even the lower level positions could be very high. Depending on your contract and how well you negotiate your salary there are various incentive payments for those willing to work in Iraq. The higher and more technical the position the better the pay. People take these jobs for various reasons. Some are just looking for a higher than normal salary, others are looking to enhance their retirement funds or in some cases work a few years and then retire completely. Others just need a job. In today's economy the latter is often the case.

As long as you're aware of the environment and what to expect I found that most individuals quickly adapt to the job. They learn a routine, develop friendships and assimilate to the environment. Before you know it, your contract is over and you're considering staying longer.

The listings below are Iraq jobs posted from various companies looking for people like you. I provide this as a service and have no affiliation with these companies. I recommend that you check these posts frequently as they are updated daily. Select a position (or positions) that you are interested in and from the next page, click on the link "Apply for job". If you have any questions, post them at the FAQ section on this site. Good luck